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download avoiding servery websites

Not sure if any of you ever came across these. I did and I just found something helpfull so I thought I share it here as well.

I was looking for a tumblr theme. One for a new tumblr of me
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Anyway I then came across a site that had a beautiful theme for another blog of mine. I checked the demo and decided I wanted to use it. It also said all the themes found there where free. So I clicked the download link only to be taken to tinypaste. And while coming there I had to fill out a servery. Not the first time I came across such site. I then decided to type in the name in google to find out about that site. However autofill gave me the suggestion tinypaste no add. I was like hey let's have a look. And then I found this
I'm sure it not only works for tinypaste but also similair sites.