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friends page

I'm sure you all heard about the new friends page or seen it. Well here's an update from LJ
"Thank you for your inquiry.

There is no way to turn off the message regarding the beta version of the Friends page/feed. It will remain visible to all users during the beta period, after which point the new Friends page will become the only version available.

There are already several additional updates planned for the new friends page, including the option to either use pagination or infinite scroll (in essence, to turn off infinite scroll and return to the 'x entries per page' format), along with some level of color/font/background customization. All of these changes will be implemented while the new version is still in the beta phase.

Once out of the beta phase, the new friends page will be the only version available. It will not be possible to opt out of it.

I've passed your feedback about the new Friends page on to the appropriate staff for you."

So basicly you have to deal with it. LIVEJOURNAL DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK. O and paid accounts will also be gone next spring
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I just deleted all my affiliates since the communities where either gone or not updated for a year. If you have a community where you post layouts/profile codes you can be affiliates.
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Resharing since I found some more to share. 10 backgrounds for now
Some more harder to find backgrounds. I will have bigger sets next time. It's just sucks that where I'm getting these from only let's you download once a day. Comment when taking