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I use your smooth sailing layout but my mood icons aren't showing
Look for
.entryMetadata img {
display: none;
and change none to yes

How do I add a header on a smooth sailing layout
You need to add it in .pageblock{ and add a padding-top

My tags in the sidebar on your smooth sailing don't have spaces
find this code and remove it:
#tags_sidebox {
font-size: 0px;

How do I add a header on a flexible squares layout
Add this code if it isn't already in the codes
.headerimage {
position: relative;
width: 0px;
height: 0px;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
margin-bottom: 0px;
background-image: url('');
background-repeat: no-repeat;

The usernames/community names aren't showing on my friends list
remove .userpicfriends a{ display: none;} or just the none part

My mood picture is cut up in half on your flexible squares layout
currentmood and change height: 18px; to something bigger

Can I edit your layouts
Yes as long as you still credit me

Can I edit your profiles
Fandom profiles can not be edited. But the simple profiles can.


My links/tags are on the right sidebar but I want them on the left
Look in your theme layer for function print_sidebar() {. You will find # left sidebar & # right sidebar there. The codes for the links and tags are:
print_sidebar_linklist(); & print_sidebar_tags();
Just put those under the left sidebar

I want more text boxes
Look in your theme layer for function print_sidebar() { and then for
var string extra1_title ="";
var string extra1_content ="";
$extra1_content = "";
print_sidebar_box($extra1_title, $extra1_content);
You can copy this code to get more text boxes. Make sure when you copy you change the number after extra to 2,3,4 etc. Otherwise the same text box will show up twice
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