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Retro your journal

Retro your journal

From time to time I will highlight a theme idea you can use for journal. With each theme I will link you to some colorpallets as well as backgrounds to use. This time it's retro.

Orla_Kiely_II CMYK.remix Ocean_Five
colorful_banaani p_h_o_t_o_g_r_a_p_h Hippie_van_☮
Octopus Cupcakes_Sprinkles Light_retro

saturday_warmth CMYK.retro got_it_all_(most)
❀_❀_❀ mango_wallflower just_dots
Retro_leaves Retro ziggy_retro

There are of cource many more colorpallets and backgrounds. So just search around colourlovers if these are just not it for you.
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